Science Fair

 The IAS Biology Science Fair 2014,  titled 'Mystery of the Organs' was successfully carried out on the 29th of October. The aim of this event was to focus on understanding function and structure selected organs such as liver, heart, kidney, stomach, eye, brain etc. Students also learnt how structure of these organs was related to their function.

 The day started off with presentations on the basis of the human organs, how they tend to be mystic, their brief summary and function. There were also a lot of activities such as labelling the organs, guessing under the microscope, re-arranging the organs, etc. Students experienced real-life dissecting along with knowledge from the visual graphics during the fair.

 The Physics-Chemistry fair took place on the 30th October and proved to be an enjoyable experience for all who were involved. Students got to witness a number of different reactions, illusions and phenomena that were caused by certain chemical and physical reactions. A number of 9th grade students presented these experiments with the aid of posters and short discussions, to each grade in the big school. 

 We would like to thank all students and teachers who were engaged in the preparations for this big event. We will come back next year with another surprise.