Student Council

The International American School student body elects Student Council members every year. The positions available are: school president and vice-president. In addition, each class elects its own representative, who serves as class president on the Council. Each year, candidates are required to write an essay and deliver a speech regarding their aspirations for IAS. The Student Council does an effective job of organizing school competitions, spirit days, themed celebrations and community service projects. Here is a message from this year's student council president and vice president:

Congratulations to Praveer and Bobby. Our new Student Council Presidents 2016/2017 won the the elections! Here is a message from our Presidents:

Student Council

Student Council message:

"On a warm beautiful school day, the homeroom door opened, and someone approached. The sunlight covered that someone. All I could see was a 165cm shade approaching towards me gradually. Soon the curtain of shade was unveiled. It was Bobby a childhood friend who came with an offer, an offer i couldn’t decline. “Remember when we were younger and we used to see how our seniors become presidents? We used to watch everything from the audience. How about we start as presidents this year?” Bobby explained. For me there was only one answer, “LETS DO THIS”. 

 We started our campaign with designing the posters and creating stickers. Both the aspects didn't really work well to impress the students. Both of us were laughing at our campaigning and started having slight doubts. This lead to lack of confidence, but i decided to be open and face the outcomes. Whatever happens, we will know in our heads that atlas we attempted. Mistakes are essential to make in order to learn and experience. Every situation in life teaches us something new in many ways involuntarily. 

 Many rumours from around the school echoed in the hallways of IAS. The rumours regarded the fact that this year small school will be voting as well. This was decided because the school wants more involvement of the younger children as well. We loved the idea because we want the IAS community to communicate with each other in an open manner. We are one, and together we accomplish a lot as seen in the past years and this is our speciality. The secret weapon of IAS, a family type atmosphere. 

 This news meant that we have to go to small school and persuade children to vote for us. We knew in what attitude we have to go there. We knew what the children want to see because around 10-12 years ago we were there as well. We talked with them, played games and loved every moment of it. 

We were able to impress the children, but we started losing votes in the big school. This was because Ania and Sudi were presenting a better campaign than us. There posters looked much more organised and the way they managed to talk with almost all the classes was amazing. Our posters were so unorganised the small school children thought that its my twin brother on the poster but not me. This made them say that I am lying already. This was not all, due to the fact that, Ania and Sudi soon were all around small school. We realised this right after we went to small school on the second day. All we heard was children say, “We will vote for Ania and Sudi because they promised us…”. Bobby started panicking and calling me everyday over and over at random times. All I told him was, “Chill bro, I got this, wait for the speeches, I’ll change everything.” 

 The next night I started working on new posters. I thought of making them more attractive so that it drags peoples attention. It was me as Batman and Bobby as Iron Man since they are our favourite superheroes with our school, IAS, in the background. We also added a quote which related to the speech we gave. “We are all living in cages, with the door wide open” this means be more open minded and don't be afraid of the outcome. The outcome shall be crossed together. When life gives you an opportunity door, don't knock at it, kick that door, enter and introduce yourself. That is how we wanted every student to be. Confident in everything they do, no matter if they are wrong or right. 

 As soon as the posters were up, we got our attention back. We used this chance to talk with people and communicate with them. This gave us more confidence. This meant we were gaining few votes back. Bobby was still worried and we basically were talking with each other at 2am. All I said was, again, “Chill, I got this, let them see the speeches, i got this.” 

The day of the hustings, i was not really worried because in my head my goal was to send an important message to the audience. I wanted them o be more free minded to be precise. All that mattered to me was that students should receive an important message from me, no matter if we lose or win. We wouldn't lose anyways because the opposing candidates were our friends. If they win, we win. If we win, they win."