Walk For Awareness - IAS Charity event

In association with the charity Caritas USA we are seeking to raise funds to improve the lives of children living with disabilities in Uganda. The Charity has been headed by a group of three 11th Grade students. IAS Students will be on crutches or wheelchairs for 4KM to raise awareness.

"Ending things right"- Sebastian Kettley

23rd of June, 11 am was the time and date of IAS latest charity fundraiser, the “Walk for Awareness”. With the help of Caritas International, Maria Voureka, Nicole Borkowska & Sebastian Kettley with the supervision of  Mr. Christopher Uden, have organized a unique event that will raise money as well as awareness for kids in need. Located in rural Uganda, the Providence Home in Nkokonjeru takes care of abandoned children with a wide variety of physical disabilities. It is there, under the loving care of the nuns of St. Francis, that kids labelled unfit by society find a place to call home. But the Providence Home is more than just that.

Many of these children need wheelchairs, so that they will be able to find a job and have prospects for a future. That is why the nuns teach the children tradable skills such as sewing and carpentry. But without mobility, they stagnate in one place all day long. That is why, to share a connection with these children and feel perhaps a fraction of the daily struggle they have to live with, we have planned our 4km walk with the use of crutches and wheelchairs. Starting at metro Natolin and ending in Dolina Sluzewiecka, we hope the walk will draw attention to these obscured children. Each participant will raise money through personal pledges with a collective goal to purchase the wheelchairs needed. 

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