Principal Message

Welcome back! What a summer it has been. The renovations being done at Dembego 18 have really given the school a wonderful makeover. Since we continually strive for school improvement, which is not only a requirement to maintain our Accreditations but also ingrained in our school’s philosophy.

Dear IAS Community,                                                                   

Welcome back! What a summer it has been. The renovations being done at Dembego 18 have really given the school a wonderful makeover. Since we continually strive for school improvement, which is not only a requirement to maintain our NWAC, IB, and MEN accreditation but also ingrained in our school’s philosophy and mission statement, we can now see it manifesting all around us. Mr. Uden will be sending a letter soon highlighting the specific changes that have been made. As teachers are returning this week for teacher training seminars, we are also focusing on the other aspects of school improvement: revision of our behavior and attendance policies, planning school-wide events, decorating classrooms, lesson planning, and organizing school committees. The school committees are creating events in the areas of Language Arts and Performance; Science, Math, ICT and Innovation; Sports; International/Polish Cultural Crossover; and School Pride. Stay tuned for lots of happenings in these areas throughout 2012-2013. We are also very excited to welcome some new teachers and many new students to our school community this year as well as our new Elementary Head Teacher, Margaret Alabi. As always we take pride in our international identity as well as our promotion of tolerance and acceptance of each individual regardless of disability, age, gender, religious orientation, or cultural background. This inclusiveness is what makes our school a remarkable setting for those searching for an international education where the right to learn and be respected in a safe, friendly environment are at the forefront of our mission. Without the ability to learn from one another and grow together, we lose the most important element of our unique institution: learning from diversity. Once again, I am very excited to welcome back all students, staff, parents and IAS community members for another great year of Excellent in Education at IAS.   Below I have outlined some important information about the first Days of school:

The First Day of School (Opening Ceremony) – Monday, September 3rd, 2012 – Very Important Day

During the opening ceremony, the IAS administration will officially welcome you to the 23rd school year at IAS. After our opening remarks, homeroom teachers will meet with students and parents from that teacher’s homeroom class. Teachers will distribute and review all relevant information for the school year including the Behavior and Attendance policies, school calendar, a class schedule and a list of required materials. Teachers will also review procedures for behavior, attendance and academics as well as answer any questions parents or students may have. The school day will end at around 12 p.m. and no classes will be held on this day. Please be aware that this year the 3rd grade homeroom class will still be held in Dembego 12.

The First Week of School

During the first week of school, teachers will be reviewing expectations, procedures, routines, required materials and class syllabi with the students. Students will be able to choose clubs, run for student counsel and get acquainted with the school-wide behavior plan.

Educational Agreement

We would like to kindly inform you that we will be continuing our educational agreement for parents whose children/child attend/s International American School. The above mentioned document, which should be signed by all parents, is available on the web site <>- enrollment (zapisy). We would kindly request all parents to fill in, print out and submit to the office one copy of the educational agreement with a photocopy of your passport/ID or residence card. If you require help with this, please come to the office.

Club Day/Homeroom-registration Period

Students will choose from a range of clubs, which will be held this year on Wednesday afternoons from 3:00 – 3:45 pm. Homeroom-registration period will be held from 8:30-8:45 am every day. This period will be to communicate important information to students and to take roll. If a student will be absent and has an excused note, he/she must present this to the homeroom teacher during the registration period.

IAS Committees

The 2012-2013 school year will include several exciting events, performances and competitions organized by the IAS committees. The committees include: language arts performance; science, math, ICT and innovation; sporting events; International/Polish crossover; and school pride. We are very excited about the wonderful events and celebrations to be organized again this year.  

Parents’ Weekly Bulletin

We will continue to increase our communication with parents by sending a weekly bulletin via email to all parents and guardians informing about the upcoming week’s schedule including field trips, parent meetings, and school wide events. Please check emails from the school every Friday to see the next week’s schedule. 

Silver Star Award Program

We will also be continuing our Silver Star Award program for students whose work exceeds the expectations of their teachers. We are proud to continue the program this year to reward those students who go above and beyond the already high standards set by their teachers. When students receive enough silver stars, they will be presented with awards from the school showing appreciation for their hard work.


Students must buy books from the school secretary in the main office and collect them from Mr. Razvi Hussaini in the bookstore during the beginning of the school year. Book store hours will be posted.


The calendar for the 2012-2013 school year may be found at


Any parents who require transport for their children should please contact Mr. Ceesay through the school. More bus routes can be arranged and existing routes may change based on demand. Telephone numbers of all drivers will be provided, and all pick-up times will be provided by the drivers. Parents will be informed of pick-up times on the first day of school, Monday, September 3rd. Please be informed that all parents are responsible for their own child’s transport on the first day of school, September 3rd.


The “Art Impressions Catering Sp.z o.o.” will continue providing food service this school year. You can sign your child up for the catering on Thursday after the opening ceremony in Dembego 12 and Dembego 18 in the cafeteria. If you will not be present on this day, please contact them if you wish to have this service provided for your child.

Additional information:

Art Impressions Catering Sp.z o.o.

ul. Karczunkowska 170

02-871 Warszawa


tel: 022-736-2711

Please be informed that the school is a part of the catering service. All payments and concerns should be brought up directly with the catering company.


We will also be adding an After-School playroom (Swietlica) for elementary-school children at Dembego 12 from 3-5 P.M., Monday through Friday if there is enough interest.  Sign-up will take place during the opening ceremony and the 1st week of school at Dembego 12.  The After-School program will begin the second week of school if there are enough interested parents.

Closing Remarks

International American School is very happy to welcome you and your family for another wonderful year of excellence in education!

Best regards,


Steven Weeks-Johnson