Maciek Olbrych and his band Popkultura: We congratulate our former IAS Student on his success

Our former IAS Student Maciek Olbrych is now the group leader of his band "Popkultura" and has just released his first new self-titled album Popkultura. We would like to express our sincere congratulations to Maciek.

Here are more thorough details of Maciek's band and their new album:

Attention! Popkultura makes its debut!
Popkultura, Warsaw's alternative rock band which is quickly gaining recognition on the Polish festival scene makes its debut with their self-titled album Popkultura, and with their single "Tajemnica" [Secret]. Their album is available in stores throughout Poland starting from October 2. You can also purchase and listen to their album on iTunes, Muzodajnia
Popkultura is a modern rock band, inspired by the 80s style, and influenced by
contemporary ways of using technology to “make” music.
On October 2, the band will release its first album with their single "Tajemnica". The album is released by Universal Music Poland.
Popkultura is first and foremost Maciek Olbrych - an extremely talented vocalist, keyboard player, composer and songwriter.
"Our sound is distinctive and very deeply rooted in the history and tradition of good rock. Our personal texts, perfectly compliment the strong riffs and aggressive rhythmic sections,” Maciek says, “Popkultura is not an ordinary band, it is an artistic phenomenon. None of the sounds in our music are accidental, just like every word is aimed to evoke a particular feeling or emotion. By giving this album to my fans, I feel like I am also giving them a piece of me.”
Popkultura has already had its fair share of success thus far. They performed during the Open'er Festival in 2010 and the Coke Live Music Festival in 2011. The band also performed a concert in memory of Grzegorz Ciechowski in the Polish Radio Trojka.
The singel "Tajemnica" gives a real shot of energy, which always “warms up” the crowds. During one of the concerts, fans recorded their own video for the song, which depicts the crowd jumping and singing along to "Tajemnica".
To see the "Tajemnica" [secret] behind Popkultura's appeal, and why their songs and lyrics stay with you for a really long time, you simply have to check them out for yourself.
Band members:
Maciej Olbrych - vocal, keyboard
Evgeni Fomenko - lead guitar
Martin Zawadzinski - rhythm guitar
Kamil Komendecki - bass
Rafal Dutkiewicz - drums
Song List :
9.TAJEMNICA – singiel
12.DANS MACABRE /bonus iTunes/