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We present a various set of photos of IAS. We have worked very hard on creating new events at IAS that would boost student creativity, pride, intelligence and togetherness. Our School Pride Committee and Student Council ensured, that every day at IAS, will bring something new to the student.

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Various IAS Photos since September 2012: 

Various IAS

Pictures from the Gdańsk Trip: 

Technology Museum at the Palace of Culture:

On Tuesday, 13th November, the 5th and 6th Graders visited the Technology Museum at Palace of Culture. During their trip at the Museum with a tour guide, the students, in a very vivid way, became familiar with the evolution of technology from its very primal state. They also had the chance to see the oldest Polish TV stations: "Wisla" and "Belweder" and amongts others a set of items of old launderettes. In the history section, our students learnt about the evolution of transportation, were they saw unique vehicles, such as; the first motorbikes from the early XX Century or old automobiles. After the Museum tour finished, the students went to the 30th Floor of the Palace of Culture to see the entire panorama of Warsaw City.

Pictures of the Palace of Culture Trip:



Language Arts Performance committee are delighted to announce that the fun

educational ‘Deutsch-Wagen’ project visited IAS on Friday, 28th September, 2012.

The objective of the ‘Deutsch-Wagen-Tour’ program is to popularize studies of the German language in Poland. Within the “Deutsch-Wagen-Tour” action, a vehicle with professionally trained language instructors will visit our school. During play, contests and language animations, the instructors encourage children to study the German language and the culture of our western neighbour. The visit will inspire teachers and reinforce motivation to study foreign languages among students.

Pictures from Deutsch-Wagen are below:


IAS Students at the Model United Nations:

IAS administration and staff would like to congratulate our delegation at the just completed Warsaw Model United Nations, held Oct 25-27 at the Polish Sejm.  The group was headed by MUN veterans Michal Kolwas and Sebastian Kettley, along with returning participants Daniela Domachowska, Maria Voureka, and our newest initiate Mateusz Gradowski.  The 3 day event was notable for taking place in the Parliament building, where the students ably filled the shoes of the vacated politicians.  In fact, if you tune in closely to the archived simulcast, it's hard to distinguish our very own Mr. Kolwas from an established ministry head.  Well done Michal, and well done to all our students who rose to the challenge that is MUN.

We would like to thank the Batory High School, here in Warsaw for organizing this years Model United Nations.

Below are pictures and a video from the MUN:


The Begining of IAS Radio:

We introduce the IAS Radio. Our Student Podcast Station. The IAS Radio runs live every morning from 8:30 till 8:40. The Radio is run by Sebastian Kettley and his team. They bring the students at IAS the news of the world each morning. 

The first IAS Radio Debate feature: Print Media in the Internet Age. Our two speakers Maria Voureka & Sebastian Kettley speak for their International Baccalaureate Class - English A. Due to YouTube Video length limitations, the video has been trimmed. A thorough Q&A followed. Do you have any questions to our speakers? Fell free to start the debate all over again on our YouTube channel - www.youtube.com/iaswarsaw

The pictures and the video can be found below:


Halloween at IAS

All room decorations, costumes and ambience was provided by IAS Students. The movie is created through their creativity and all was performed within a good Halloween Spirit. After this movie the students attended the school disco which was followed by a school lock-in, which was full of games, movies and good stories.

Pictures and Video from the Halloween party:


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