Visit to the Technology Museum at the Palace of Culture Field Trip

IAS Students went to the technology museum at the Palace of Culture! On Tuesday, 13th November, the 5th and 6th Graders visited the Technology Museum at Palace of Culture.

During their trip at the Museum with a tour guide, the students, in a very vivid way, became familiar with the evolution of technology from its very primal state. They also had the chance to see the oldest Polish TV stations: "Wisla" and "Belweder" and amongts others a set of items of old launderettes. In the history section, our students learnt about the evolution of transportation, were they saw unique vehicles, such as; the first motorbikes from the early XX Century or old automobiles. After the Museum tour finished, the students went to the 30th Floor of the Palace of Culture to see the entire panorama of Warsaw City.

Pictures can be found here.

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