IAS goes to Barcelona | 2012

IAS Students flew to Barcelona during the Thanksgiving Break. The 4 day trip was a fantastic cultural experience for our students. At the start, the students went to sightsee the beautiful city of Barcelona. The highlights include a visit to the Sagrada Familia Church...

Pictures of the Barcelona Trip are in the linked image below:

Barcelona Trip

A note from Tommy Le about the Barcelona Trip.

After a fairly short Thanksgiving weekend, we are back for another week of school. But don’t worry, the Christmas break is coming up along with the New Year. As you all might’ve known, IAS Students went to Barcelona for a cultural trip.

The feeling for all us when we landed in Barcelona was fantastic. We straight away got immersed into the city's charm and started the sightseeing. Amongst others, we visited the Sagrada Familia Church which is still currently under construction. Designed by the famous architect Antonio Gaudi, it is scheduled to finish within the next 30

years. It will be the tallest and probably the most beautiful church in the world. It was a fascinating view and the tour inside the church was simply mesmerizing. The city itself was beautiful and each and every building had a very gothic design with a mixture of modern architecture.

We had the opportunity to play beach football by Barcelona's seaside, just as the sunset was showing. It was a great moment for us all. We played, we laughed, we had an experience that no of us will ever forget.

We visited the Camp Nou stadium which is one of the largest stadiums in the world and is the official stadium of F.C. Barcelona. This experience, in particular, is almost every little boys dream. Going to the heaven of football, we could see, not only the stadium in itself, but also the coaches dugout, the Hall of Fame, Lionel Messi's Ball D'or and other amazing places within the stadium. The official Barca T-shirts at the stadium were roughly 100 euro, however at the "black city market" shirts could even reach 70 euros. After a while of negotiations, the blackmarket shirts could go as low as 18 euros. Everywhere you could sense the spirit of F.C. Barcelona.

As we walked on the shopping streets, we ran across a lot of shops selling look-a-like “official” F.C. Barcelona T­shirts with names of almost all the squad members of F.C. Barcelona. The prices were ridiculous.

We stayed in a 4 star hotel with a variety of food for the Breakfast and Dinner Buffet which we ate on a daily basis. The trip overall was a great one and was worth every penny spent. Once again, thank you Mr. Rabi Chibani and Mr. Michael Ceesay for making this trip awesome and keeping the hotel in one piece.

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