IAS MUN 2016

 A hearty congratulations to all involved in the IASMUN 2016 conference, which concluded on Friday. The final day included the All-Stars Committee, General Assembly and Closing Ceremony. The Secretariat took part as delegates in the unforgettable All-Stars Committee, which sparked rancor even amongst best friends due to countries' policies on DARPA. In the GA, voting procedures for the SC and WHO resolutions were carried out - and both resolutions passed, as opposed to the results one day prior. The GA was notable for the surprise guest speakers, Majors Ben Kim and Jerimiah Wildermuth of the United States Army. Both officers are stationed in Warsaw and provided many life lessons while leading an insightful discussion about the realities of war, diplomacy, and politics. Following the guest speakers, the GA topic was interrupted when delegates were surprised by a crisis alert involving Russia and the USA. This lead to a final round of heated debates, and amazingly, they passed their resolution!

 In all, IASMUN 2016 was a great success, another step forward for the school. We'd like to thank the students who came from other international schools in Warsaw and Gdansk for taking part in this event. We'd like to thank all our students who worked so hard, and looked so good, for 3 days. We'd like to thank Flora Melke, for all her leadership, acting ability (she wore many costumes), and for arranging our guest speakers. We'd like to thank the rest of our Secretariat, Aristianna Voureka, Bhawesh Vasnani, Lilla Orly, Shikha Gianchadani, and our MUN Godfather, Mohit Keswani.
We'd also like to thank our MUN Coordinator, Mr Josh Garner, for all his help in managing the event.
And lastly, we'd like to thank Disha Keswani for her tireless work as Secretary General.