IAS Times Issue 17 Out Now!

You can now read the 17th Issue of the IAS Times. IAS Times is our student magazine written by our own students and is for everyone to read. A sleek new design and a user-friendly online reader allows you to enjoy a comfortable read. We are very proud of our young journalists!

IAS is pleased to announce the release of issue 17 of the IAS Times.  In this issue, readers will note a "heroic" theme wrapped in Halloween colors. Student journalists offered a range of commentary and local reporting, with recent school visits by Marek Rybarczyk and Kazik Stepan making headlines.  The issue also features two original works of fiction and an interview with a former IAS student now living large in the States.  As well, look for the two page photo gallery which includes many IAS students in their "best dress".  Many thanks to all our writers, and everyone enjoy the issue!

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