School Trips

To compliment the approach of teaching beyond the classroom, students have the opportunity to explore different regions in Poland through organized field trips. A deeper experience is accomplished with the integration of planned field trips into the curriculum. IAS organizes longer (3 days) trips for the upper grades, and day trips for the lower grades. Field trips can include, but are not limited to, outside painting in Kazimierz Dolny, Kabaty Forest, or Lazienki Park - or two days of „tracing the priests” in locales such as Plowce, Kruszwica, Strzelno, Biskupin, Wenecja, and Gniezno. Art students can self-reflect through a guided tour of the Andy Warhol Exhibition at the National Museum, combined with a stroll along the Warsaw-Wyscigi Graffiti Wall for discussions on popular/teenage culture. Sport enthusiasts have been given the opportunity to compete in sport activities for one week at Wladyslawowo along the Baltic Coast. Students may be invited to participate in ecology lessons in Kampinos Forest and the Baltic Coast, winter sleigh rides, visits to planetariums and museums of technology, and more. On occasion, parents/legal guardians are asked to pay portions of the trip costs for their children.