Christmas Play 2016

This year's Christmas Play was a show-stopper, thanks to many contributions from our talented students. "Gertrude and Ned's Excellent Christmas Adventure" was written by Julia Chruscz and Bonnie Murphy, and directed by Anna Teytel. The two month project was the school's first attempt at a romantic comedy and delivered on many levels: plot twists, humor, slapstick, song & dance, cultural diversity, costume, a heartwarming theme and surprise ending. We'd like to thank the entire cast and crew for their efforts: Jan Kwasniak, Bhawesh Vasnani, Praveer Lakhani, Sudi Nguyen, Alex Swietochowski, Shikha, Gianchandani, Pranit Karira, Deniz Erkosar, Daniel Erkosar, Aslihan Yilmaz, Phi Long Bui, Darek, Nguyen, Oleg Kryvosheia, Bartek Pyszkowski, Pola Banecka, Ania Gutkowska, Vedant Harwani, and Jade Martin. A special special thanks to Mr. Mehdi for his work at the controls. And to everyone who took active part in the audience, enjoying the show…til next year, we bid you adieu….