IAS Times Issue 19/ April 2013

The IAS Times Spring Issue 19 is out now! You can now read the new IAS Times issue online on our issuu reader. Our student journalists have created yet another fantastic issue for all to read. Two extra articles in the online edition.

 IAS is pleased to announce issue 19 of the IAS Times, our "spring" issue.  We are hoping its bright cover and teeming articles can do something to signal the actual coming of spring.  Inside this issue are reports of the school's recent successes on the soccer pitch, basketball court, and physics lab, as well our regular array of student opinion, cultural review, and the latest chapter of our original serial "The Adventures of Blondelle".  The online edition also features a special two page exclusive of one student's attempt to drop out from Facebook society: "To Facebook and back".  Please enjoy the issue, provide the writers with your feedback, and be on the lookout for the print edition in the school next week!