IAS Times Issue 20

International American School of Warsaw - student newspaper - the "IAS Times" Milestone Issue 20 is now available online!! :)

The IAS Times is proud to be publishing its 20th issue, a milestone for our school that deserves special recognition. Once again our writers have done a wonderful job is producing articles that cover the spectrum of world news, social commentary, teen life, school events and literary genres. Look for the selection of poems entitled "Filling in the Gap", as well as the final installment of Lilla Orly's "Adventures of Blondelle." Additionally, the online issue features an extra article by longtime "Private Investigations" columnist Michal Kolwas, "Behind the Wheel", which rhapsodizes about the new found freedoms of the road. Enjoy all the articles, and as always, share your feedback with the writers and the school community as a whole. Happy reading!

- Matthew Krasner, IAS Times Editor