IAS Senior Masquerade Prom 2013

Dear Students. The time has come to celebrate the end of an era for our 12th graders. Our students just finished all their exams and we could not be any prouder of them. As a mark of their accomplishment we organize the annual IAS Prom in their honor.

The Masquerade themed night promises to be a night to remember.

Please confirm your attendance & see you soon :)

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IAS Prom

The Prom details are as follows:

1) 15th June, Saturday in Theatro on Foksal street.

2) School Prom starts at 20:00 - 22:30/23:00

3) School Student Council Presidents are in charge of - in Prom Organization (Speeches, competitions, cool happenings exc.)

4) Theme - Masquarade. 

5) TVs in Theatro will play slideshows of your school life. Submit all the pictures you want to Daria, Nicola & Daniela. They will provide us with the USB afterwards. 

7) The Price of the Prom Ticket is 150zł per person.

The price consists of: booking Theatro, food, soft drinks, DJ, photographer & video coordinator (who will be with you all night long), cake, additional masquerade involved decorations & miscellaneous. 

8) You can pay for the ticket to Mrs. Edyta at the main office and sign for it.

9) Photographer will be there throughout. 

10) For the in School Prom we invite 11 & 12th graders as well as the Alumni students from last year & year before (2 year). Each accompanying date has to cover the cost of the ticket.

11) All additional in Prom guests must be mentioned on the list.

12) The DJ was chosen to be the Theatro DJ. Please provide us with a list of songs you want to feature.