IAS Student Council Elections 2013/2014

Last week IAS held it's hustings and elections for student council president and vice-president. The race between Alex and Kuba (9th) and Mohit and Damian (11th) was a classic political battle.

Campaign posters covered the walls as candidates were seen speaking to students of all ages in the halls posing questions like, "What can we do for you?" and "How can we make you happy?" The speeches were well presented, specific and thoroughly researched. The nominees touched on the subjects of sports, school events, radio and other such aspects of student life. In the end Alex and Kuba came out the victors using the platform of boosting the school's sports department, but Mohit and Damian also ran a great campaign and gave it a great run. Now it's time for the new student leaders to back up their promises and show their fellow colleagues what they are made of and what they can do! 

Pictures are below. Please click the picture: