Author Clare Mulley Visits IAS

On Thursday, November 7th, author Clare Mulley visited IAS to talk about her new book "The Woman Spy". The book is about one of the greatest female spies in history, Krystyna Skarbek, who also happened to be Polish but worked for the British secret service.

She is also said to be the woman from whom Ian Fleming got the idea for his first Bond girl character in the original "Casino Royale". The truth is that she was more like Bond himself than any Bond girl. She put her life on the line again and again to smuggle information in and out of WWII occupied Poland.

She was a staunch patriot and thrived in the most dangerous, adrenaline pumping situations. The students thoroughly enjoyed hearing the story of her capture by the Nazis and how she repeatedly bit her tongue and coughed up the blood in order to trick her captors into thinking she had tuberculosis. The visit ended with a question and answer session from the students, and we bought a copy of the book for the school's library. We look forward to having more authors visit the school in the future! 

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