Mass Jump

This November 21st, IAS hosted its first School Pride event of the year: a mini-Olympics, with a scientific purpose. Grades 4-11 joined together in Kabaty forest to play a series of games that also served as scientific experiments.

The experiments were as follows: 1) a mass jump to measure the impact created on Earth; 2) a rugby scrum to measure force vs weight; 3) a mass clap to measure the speed of sound from a long distance away. 

After the games, we had lunch and then came back for the day's main event: a boys football tournament. Four teams played round-robin and the tournament was eventually won Team Daniluk, with Team Keswani coming in second. We also held basketball matches for the girls and Mr. Johnson led his own scavenger hunt for those not playing. In all, it was was welcome day in the misty outdoors. We hope the students got some needed exercise!  We will announce results of the experiments soon and we hope this can grow to become an annual event.

Lastly, we would like to thank Mohit Keswani and his crew members Praveer, Bhawes, Tommy, and Sunny for the organization of this event.

To see the gallery of this event, click on the picture below: