Halloween Party 2012

The IAS Halloween party and lock-in was a big success this year. Thanks to the help of the IAS administration, the school presidents were able to create an amazing day for the students. In the morning, we finished decorating the classrooms for the annual "best room" competition. Judges then observed each one with the aid of a camera crew. This was followed by the annual costume competition. Both events are captured on film, the results of which will be broadcast here on the school website.  After lunch, the student council along with the help of a few others cleaned up the cafeteria. We rearranged the tables and chairs in order to make room for snacks, drinks and a dance floor. Sunny acted as DJ and played requested songs along with dance music. After around three hours of dancing, the winners for the classroom and costume contests were announced and awards were given.  The party closed at 15:00 and many students went home for rest.  But the school reopened at 17:30 for its first ever Halloween "lock-in".  Students from grades 6 on up were invited back for an all-nighter, featuring movies, games and music.  Fortunately, everyone survived the occasion and a full report will be offered in the next issue of the IAS Times. We hope the tradition will continue in the years to come.

All room decorations, costumes and ambience was provided by IAS Students. The movie is created through their creativity and all was performed within a good Halloween Spirit. After this movie the students attended the school disco which was followed by a school lock-in, which was full of games, movies and good stories.

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A short film and all the pictures from the event are below: