Students at MUN in Wrocław

The honorable general English teacher and MUN shepherd would like to announce the official close of WrocMUN 2013 and request that the delegates of Sweden and Israel return to their general identity of "student" and the safe havens of their classrooms.

A final honorable roll call to Mateusz Gradowski, Marlena Kister, Paula Dabkowska, Sunny Dong, Tommy Le, Artur Lepczynski, Ola Budny, Linda Murphy, Vilma Castellanos, Damian Borkowski, Maciej Zalasa, and Chloe Bingham.

You did an admirable job representing our school and building on our MUN tradition. It was a pleasure touring the city with you, spotting the krasnals, and sitting through 4 hours (it only seemed so) of Persian music.  If nothing else, we can say that we contributed to the Iran-Israeli dialogue, just by opening our ears.

Enjoy the photo album :)