Thanksgiving Celebration

400 years of history came to life at IAS once again when a pioneer and Native American help students celebrate the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

The younger students at Dembego 12 learned about the dangers faced by brave pioneers who in the name of religious freedom found a new homeland in America – but who were only able to survive thanks to the help of the local Native community who taught them how to farm new foods and hunt.

The older students at Dembego 18 participated in a Thanksgiving lecture, where myths were abolished and the truth behind Native American culture was shared.


The first annual one-month long MOvember fundraising event was a success at IAS.  Male staff members grew their whiskers proudly in order to raise awareness of the need to help fight deadly diseases which affect millions of people worldwide – i.e. Cancer.  Over the 4 weeks, students raised 655 zl !  In order to commemorate the success of the event, and leave a lasting impact – 2 teachers not only had their mustaches shaved but also their heads, leaving one completely bald, and the other with a stylish Mohawk – the generous spirits, artistic talents and sense of humor of our students helped made this a memorable event.