Christmas Play

Lights! Camera! Action! Charles Dickens himself, author of A Christmas Carol, probably never wrote such an inspiring play when he was in grade 8.– as did our student-author Sara Zulfiquar during the annual holiday show.

 Wittingly performed by Bobbi Bui and Bhawesh Vandani, and joined by Rose and Alice as the Angels of Greed, along with grade 6 and 7 students as “The Children” – the play made us laugh, smile, think and reflect about the meaning of the holidays and the joyful season it is meant to be.

The IAS RockBand brought down the house with their groovy tunes, Yohan’s heavy drum-hitting, Tony’s smooth strumming and Klaudyna’s aka. Karol’s slapping the bass silly.  Led by their front-man Mr. Johnson on rhythm guitar and backup vocals, James and Maria astounded the crowed with their vocals.  Bart and Amy ravished the audience with the keys and Alex roused the crowed as the night’s M.C.

Of course, the show wouldn’t have been complete without the comedy-stylings of Mr. Rob as Papa Noel, joined by his new sidekick, The Giant Leprechaun Elf, Mr. O’Keefe who brought the comedic relief during the show’s intermission.  A special thanks is owed to Mr. Mehdi’s for his ‘backstage’ technical support of cueing music, sound checks, lights as well as Robert Raptis, Sunny, Tony and other entertainers. Thanks!!