Earth Day Celebration

Our annual Earth Day Celebration was a huge success this year. We marched from school to Powsin park and gathered by the shelters and fire pits.

 Students from 4th-11th grades formed a police line at one end of the area and all moved together in step to collect the trash that littered the beautiful ground. After making a police line coming back on the other side, students were sent with their homeroom teachers to different parts of the forest to clear the pathways of litter. When all of the classes returned, we had nearly 20 trash bags full of garbage!

Students then enjoyed a well-earned picnic lunch provided by the catering service before we made our way over to the athletic area. There students and teachers alike engaged in dodge ball, badminton, basketball and football. It was an exhausting afternoon, but everyone finally made heir way back to the school in form. Having had such a good feeling from cleaning up the community and spending the afternoon in nature, we can see that every day truly is Earth Day.

More pictures below:

Earth Day