Blessing from IAS to Uganda

Last Friday students involved in the school charity board had the privilege to be able to have an interactive Skype call with Blessing Namala.

   She lives in Uganda, and IAS has been supporting her for over a year now, as she is faced with severe physical disabilities. In spite of this, she has shown great determination and skill in her scholastic environment, and is a true example for us all. The Skype session lasted around 20 minutes and Linda Murphy was able to ask Blessing some questions, and visor-verso with a translator on her end using sigh language as a means of communication.

    Questions such as: how has education impacted your life so far, and what are your dreams for the future? Blessing was a bit shy and there were some technical difficulties, however in spite of this the communication was very fruitful for all involved. She expressed her gratitude and love for the support from IAS students that provides for her education and residence at the Providence Home. She even drew a picture for us, especially for our conversation. Linda Murphy expressed what great blessing she is for us as well, and they agreed to talk again in the near future, which seemed to make Blessing very happy. For the students present it really strengthened their relationship with her. It was a very unique experience!

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