No technology Spirit Week Day 2

Today, Day 2 of IAS Spirit Week, students and teachers took part in Decade Day aka "NO Technology Tuesday". Students were able to test their self discipline as well as their addiction to devices such as cellphones and the internet.

 The dress-up theme of the day was a 20th century decade of their choice (20’s 80’s). In the afternoon we reminded everyone that fun could still be had without downloading the latest app by playing several nostalgia-inducing games like Broken Telephone, Twister, and the ever timeless Checkers and Chess.

 We also encouraged members of the IAS community to buy raffle tickets and beverages, the profits of which will be donated to the Namala Blessing education fund. Overall, we believe that the computer-free day helped everyone gain some perspective on just how dependent we are on electronics and how it is (SHOCKER) still possible to function without them.

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Spirit Week Day 2