Puppet Show and Family Day

On Friday, May 30th, the small school had a combination celebration for Mother's day and Children's day with an afternoon of ice cream and family based activities. The children were beyond excited when family members started arriving at 13:00.

Our activities kicked off with ice cream for all followed by a variety of activities for families and children to participate in together. We had a wide variety of activities including: face painting, twister, arts & crafts, team building and relay races. Fun was had by all and the children ended our celebration with a surprise song "My Mom". We would like to thank all of the family members that came on Friday and made our celebration a big hit!"

Additionally, The Studio Artystyczne Arlekin theater company came to the small school to perform "Our New Friend Mambo" Children were introduced to the puppet Mambo who was new at school. He was trying to make friends but nobody was interested in being his friend. The other animals were not treating Mambo with respect until one day, lion was in trouble and it was up to Mambo to save the day! After he saved the lion they became friends and the other animals apologized for their rude behavior. The story concluded with all of the school became close friends and that we need to treat each other with respect.
  The children enjoyed the performance and learning about ways to treat each other fairly. The puppets were a fun addition to the school and the interactive performance had everyone on their toes!

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Parents Day