Integration Trip

On September 23rd, Green Schoolers started our journey at 9:00 from IAS. We stopped for lunch and once we reached Mazury, we took a cruise covering three lakes connected by canals, secluded coves and waterfowl sanctuaries.

 Though the weather was a bit chill, the happiness of the IAS family being together kept us warm. In the late evening, we had a great Polish soup with warm Polish food which helped all students get a sound sleep. The next day was Students Integration Day! A team building activity, “My class and I”, was held by the professional trainers. Students became aware of their strong and weak features, created a natural leader, presented principles of working in small groups, and learned how to  break down barriers and conflicts prevailing in a group. Most of our studenst did a great job and won many prizes during competitions. In the evening, we went for sightseeing at a Mazurian town, Giżycko, situated between Lake Mamry and Lake Niegocin.

  For the third day, straight after the breakfast, we went to a park where students had customized team building programs. All programs emphasized amusing activities which focused on achieving a common goal while building camaraderie, morale, leadership skills, communication styles and natural strengths. After lunch, we climbed though a forest trail for a survival and first aid lesson. After dinner, we organized a disco. Students danced and had fun late into the night.

  On the last day after breakfast, we headed towards Gierłoż to visit Adolf Hitler’s headquarters known as the Wolf’s Lair. Overgrown by woods and close to Ketrzyn are the ruins of this secret complex of around 200 buildings. These were built in the early autumn of 1940 and included 50 huge bunkers, shelters, barracks, two airports, an electric power station, a railway station and a waterworks. This was a great live history lesson for the students.

  Finally we reached back to IAS around 7pm with cheers and smiles on our faces. It was a sucessful trip and our students are already waiting eagerly for the Spring Green School scheduled for May 2015.

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