We would like to announce that the IAS delegation to WAWMUN 2014 has returned with great honor. The 3 day conference, which took place at the Polish Sejm and the Polish Supreme Court..

...brought out the best in our students and resulted in the following awards:

Mohit Keswani - Best Delegate - USA, World Health Organization
Disha Keswani - Honorary Mention - France, WIPO
Bhawesh Vasnani - Second Best Delegate - Iran, General Assembly
Shikha Gianchandani - Mentioned as one of the finest delegates in her council - Germany, CSTD

We should also add that senior Maciej Zalasa won his court case for the International Court of Justice, while representing the Russian Federation. These five students were joined by Bartek Pyszkowski and Jan Kwaisniak. Mohit and Maciej are MUN veterans, while the rest were taking part in their first MUN (which makes their recognition all the more remarkable). Credit for this performance goes entirely to the IASMUN leadership of Mohit Keswani, Tommy Le, and Sunny Dong, who created the first intra-school IASMUN last spring, something that showed results here at WAWMUN. We look forward to the group's second rendition of IASMUN this year. But before that, we're all heading to Berlin this November for BERMUN 2014! Stay tuned…perhaps more awards to come!

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