Kiddy Halloween

The small school had a 'spooktacular' Halloween celebration last week. It was a sight to see as the school was filled with witches, monsters, superheros, army men, princesses and many more costumes.

 The celebration began after lunch with a costume parade where all the children showed off their costumes.  Children were split into groups to participate in various Halloween activities in each room. The groups participated in the following activities: Pumpkin bowling, blind folded jack-o-lantern drawing, mystery box filled with zombie parts, pin the face on the pumpkin, mummy wrapping races, bobbing for apples, and trick or treat relay races!

After completing all of the games, the Halloween party ended with a dance party in our main hallway to our favorite spooky songs. Children danced with balloons and to some of their favorite songs such as "Dem Bones".

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