It was another very scary and successful Halloween party this year in Dembego 18! Students competed tirelessly to create the best decorated spooky classroom and the first place award went to Grades 4 and 9 who combined forces to present a truly terrifying room 3.

 After the classroom competition, students lined up down the stairs to strut their stuff down the catwalk during the judging of the costume competition.

 It was by far the hardest year to judge as there were so many amazing and creative costumes, but the overall winner went to Kitty from grade 6. After a break for lunch, students danced the afternoon away during the Monster Disco and carved pumpkins in the main lobby. The party finished with the award ceremony and prizes going to Best Decorated Classroom (Grades 4 and 9), Cleanest Classroom (Grades 7 and 10), Limbo Winner (Tomy Grade 5 ) and Freeze Dance Winner (Reese Grade 6).  But that wasn't then end as many students stayed in school to take part in the All Hallows' Eve Lock In!

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