IAS Podcasts are Online

IAS podcasts is the school’s first fully independent media platform. All content is conceived and written by the students who work with student producers and editors to make great ideas even better.

  After the podcast is recorded it is uploaded to iaspodcasts.com then distributed to other media channels including Soundcloud and iTunes. In this way the voices of our students are searchable by anyone on the Internet. They are real.

Dr McBride (Doc) says this about it: “It’s clear to me that students often have more to say about topics studied in class than can exist within the limits of a fast-moving curriculum. I created iaspodcasts.com as an outlet for these voices and opinions, so they might be recognised as essential and necessary expressions of the learning experience. Podcasting is a great tool for students to demonstrate knowledge and critical thinking, while engaging responsible project management. To speak is to express thought.


We have a number of great podcasts in the pipeline so sign up on one of the platforms for updates.

And we are always looking for students (and ex-students) with interesting things to say. We also want teachers to get involved and help to inspire students towards content creation and to check the accuracy of their scripts. If you want to get involved contact us through the website or talk to us in school.


You can also listen to the IAS Podcasts on iTunes: