IAS Times Issue 27/ February 2015

The recent news cycle framed issues close to a school newspaper's heart: free speech as it relates to Charlie Hebdo (and to a lesser extent, "The Interview"), violence visited upon school children in Peshawar, and abuse of police power in the States.

 Our team was tasked with an intelligent response and the result is our most important paper to date, one in which commentary is provided in 6 unique forms: editorial, interview, "fake news", photo essay, poetry, and illustration! Additionally, issue 27 includes a fantastic profile of our talented CP teacher Iza Mieszczanska, the next installation of Jade Martin's "Black Mask", another "He said/She said" debate (Atlantis anyone?), commentary on the Nobel prize and Asian stereotypes, and much much more. We're proud of our students' work and as ever wish you happy reading. Enjoy!