Grade 1 and 2 Observe Partial Solar Eclipse

The Grade 1 and 2 students were in front of the Small School on Friday March 20th from 10.20am to noon to observe and record the phases of the Partial Solar Eclipse with special protective glasses.

  Each grade 1 student had a grade 2 buddy and shared a pair of glasses.  The pairs drew a chalk circle on the ground to represent their planet as a place to watch the spectacle from.  The groups of two were also responsible for recording and drawing what phase of the event they see every 10 minutes for a total of 11 sun sketches.  Lastly, the pairs filled out a worksheet as a team, themed Solar Eclipse.  Some of the comments from students post event were: “Amazing”, “Can we do it again!”, “I can’t believe the changes I could see with the glasses”, “I like working with the grade twos”.

For more images, please click the picture below: