Zacheta Gallery Trip

10th grade students were taken to Zachęta national Gallery of Art to view the exhibition 'Cannabilism - On Appropriation in Art'. The objective was to try to understand the long history of borrowing, processing, remixing and sampling of culture, ...

...using existing objects such as artistic and press photographs, works of art created by other artists, films, literature, music, and all things created within the wider sphere of culture and beyond. 

 It was a unique way in for students to think more deeply about what constitutes intellectual property and what can and can't be done with it. While appropriation in the visual arts has its origins in the avant-garde of the early 20th century, the works of the cubists, surrealists and Dadaists, for us, in school, in the 21st century, more often than not appropriation is linked to copy/paste methods of 'research'. It was very opportune that this exhibition was in town at a time when these particular students are being made aware of the sharper focus that descends upon them in their upcoming senior years, and none more so than external examiners for the IB students. All in all a good day out with some challenging works to boot. Presently they will recount their experience and reflections in a podcast or two.