Body Percussion

The Small School hosted a special guest – Charles Raszl, a Brazilian musician, composer, director, co-founder of the „body-percussion” technique and member of The Barbatuques. Students were very excited to meet the person whom they have seen many times in the Rio 2 Movie theme song.

 During the workshops Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten experimented with different sounds that can be made using only their bodies as an instrument. 1st and 3rd graders learned how to use these sounds in making organized music and enjoyed asking Charles various questions about his life. Finally the 2nd graders who had been practising claping an interesting rhythm to a song for the past two months were able to explore this rhythm played with other sounds hidden in their bodies, play it as a group divided into sections and even try it out in canon! Charles said that in his 15 years of teaching all around the world he doesn't recall ever recieving so much energy and love from children.

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