Sushi Making Class of Grade 2 and 3

Sushi was the one they were most excited about. We have learned that if you cook with kids, they are definitely more likely to try new dishes. Our own students are no exception.

  Also, when making something like sushi, giving them the option of adding to the dish what they like, gives them control over what they eat.  Kids love assembling their own food and adding what they like, and excluding what they don’t fancy.

Our students from the grade 2 and 3 made sushi rolls and hand rolls on May 6th at Sakana Sushi- One of the most prestigious sushi restaurants in Warsaw.  We know making sushi well is a well-honed craft, but the kiddos’ creations were pretty tasty and looked quite good given their ages.  Fillings that they offered were avocado, cucumber, smoked salmon, shiitake mushroom and tamagoyaki (Japanese omelet). They also learned how to use the chopsticks. The children were all decked out and super adorable in their chef outfits from Sakana suhi bar. And of course these very cool chef outfits are now going to be their inspiration making their own food at home.

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