Green School 2015

Green School 2015 featured a 5 day educational trip to Krakow & Zakopane, supervised by Mr.Razvi and Mr.Mehdi. Here’s a little roundup of each day’s activities:

Day 1: Covered in working clothes and armed with mining equipment, students visited the Wieliczka salt mine. As soon as they descended into the darkness of the oldest existing mine shaft, students were given tasks by our guide who taught them the ropes of this demanding profession. Our students performed by the light of their mining lamps and all received certificates from the salt mine management team.

Day 2: Most of the students climbed up the mountain by foot. The rest took a horse caravan and went up to view Pond Smreczyński and the frozen cave. We also had a trip to Doliną Kościeliską and learned mountain climbing tips and safety methods.

Day 3: We earned some breath taking views of the Polish mountains from the top of Mount Gubałówka. Back at the base, students had a great time shopping on Krupówki Street where they tried the unique taste of Polish mountain cheese. Later they also visited the ski spot of the Adam Malysz practice terrene.

Day 4: After so much exercise, this was a more relaxing day in the thermal water of Bialka Tatra Aqua Park. After the pool, students were divided into two teams and each was given 10 tasks to complete, such as dance choreography, advertisement of Zakopane, a team picture with a moustached man, and an English lesson to any local from Zakopane. Our students did such an amazing job that even the teachers were amused by their creativity.

Day 5: For our final day, students visited the great city of Krakow. The tour guide took students to visit Wawel Hill, the cathedral, castle courtyard, Royal Route, the Episcopal Palace, Franciscan House, the home of Bishop Karol Wojtyła, Main Market Square, the clothe hall, St. Florian's Gate, monument of Grunwald, amongst other sites. By 9pm, the whole group returned to Warsaw safe and sound.

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