IAS Art Festival 2015

The 2nd IAS Art Festival that took place this year on 18th June was a huge success. Students who participated enjoyed drama workshops led by the irrepressible 9th grader Anna Teytel with assistance from Pranit Karira.

Ms Dorota came over from the small school and, with her 10th grade assistant Disha Keswani, instructed students in making stained glass. The brightly coloured results will adorn the windows in the upper school next year and filter coloured light into the rooms. 
Anna Gutkowska and Pola Banecka continued on from last year with their faceprinting skills, using artists like Matisse and Warhol as their inspiration. 
In the courtyard Doc McBride set up one of his internationally famous installation performance art pieces that invited students to sit in a circle and view a mound of earth set on a plinth. There were some intense reactions and observations from the students that reaffirms the integrity of the young and how they view their relationship to the world we live on. 
10th grader Sofia Pantoja thoroughly deserved her 1st prize for an original artwork, while 8th grader Jade Martin was the much lauded winner of the poetry slam. The two girls now become, respectively, the IAS Artist and Poet in Residence for the coming year. Bonnie Murphy was the winner of best piece of Creative Writing. 
In the rear courtyard Mr Krasner encouraged students to write some whopping lies on cards and tie them to a tree. A very revealing insight into the mind of a teacher and how students view their friends, the school and its teachers! 
The Art Jail saw a lot of prisoners throughout the day. The day was rounded off by a Flash Mob organised by Mr Razvi that had many of us dancing in the courtyard, then a couple of Green Day covers from the school band. 
But in between these events was, for me at least, the highlight of the day - a soul stirring rap/gospel performance from Kelechi, Blessing and Deborah that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Beautiful and measured and all too human. 

So, a huge thanks to everyone who volunteered to help, worked without complaints and made the day the success it was. And for those students and teachers who couldn't bother themselves to come, a closing verse - 
boo hoo, 
we didn't miss you.
Doc, Ms Iza and IAS art festival team.
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