First Mindfulness teacher in Poland

IAS is proud to announce that it is the first school in Poland to have a trained teacher in the .b Mindfulness in Schools Program. Matthew Krasner will be offering the UK developed course to interested students in the forthcoming year.

 The 10 week curriculum provides tools for teens to help build concentration, self-awareness and general well being. ".b"  means "Stop, Breathe, and Be". The program is carefully crafted to engage the teenage audience, with striking visuals, film clips and guided activities that bring clarity to a cluttered mindspace (and world).
 To read more about .b, please visit the Mindfulness in Schools Project website; And for a broader overview of Mindfulness, please visit this website from the Mental Health Foundation:

 Over 700 teachers are currently conducting the .b Mindfulness course in the UK with resoundingly positive results. Queried students have said that Mindfulness training has helped them not only with stress, anxiety and relationships, but with concentration in lessons, better sleep, and even with athletics and creativity. We're excited about the possibilities!