A New IAS Year

A message from the IAS Administration about changes at IAS. We have a feeling it will be a great year.

Dear Parents,


As we are sure you know this is a year of changes here at IAS. As with all changes there is both sadness and gladness. We were sad of course to say goodbye to Mr. Weeks-Johnson, who has served the school for the past ten years in the positions of Teacher, Vice-principal and Principal. As many of you are aware Mr. Weeks-Johnson decided because of ill health to look for a position less demanding than the role of Principal, we wish him well in his future career as a classroom educator. The gladness comes in the shape of new opportunities and changes that are coming into place within the Administration and will be felt across the school community.


We are very happy that Mr. Christopher Uden is taking over as Principal of IAS. Having worked at the school for the past nine year and as the Vice-principal for eight of those years we feel that Mr. Uden is perfectly placed to take over this position. Mr. Uden is a believer in the devolution of leadership to levels of school staff outside of the traditional administrative structures. As such we have put changes into the staff structure that have both brought other people into the Administration and devolved some duties to other members of staff. Mr. Matthew Krasner, with over 11 years experience at IAS,  has been promoted to the position of Faculty Head and will be responsible for issues involving school life and academics. Dr. Kenny McBride has been appointed to the position of IB Coordinator and will be assisted by Mrs. Marta Szajner.  Mr. Michael Ceesay will continue in his role of Administrative Coordinator but has been given additional duties involving being a go to person for parents. Mr. Sunny Hussaini who has been managing investments and PR this year have also been give additional responsibilities within the Administration. Accordingly, the Administration have been strengthened on many levels.  


We are also seeking this year to strengthen the role of the Faculty and Department Heads and Homeroom Teachers. We have particularly put a great deal of emphasis on the pastoral role of Homeroom teachers i.e. those that should guide the students in their time at the school and be a key point of contact for parents. We would like to take this opportunity to ask all parents to take the opportunity to get to know their child's Homeroom Teacher - they will be the key person to contact to ask about your child's general academic performance, attendance, behaviour and adaptation to school.  The layer of middle management was strengthened last year by the introduction of Faculty Head positions for: Humanities (Mr. Matthew Krasner);  Maths and ICT (Mr. Arthur O'Keefe); Sports and Creativity (Mr. Maciej Domoradzki); Modern Foreign Languages (Mrs. Marta Szajner); and Early Elementary (Ms. Agnieszka Kruszynska). These six middle leaders will be taking direct responsibility for the work of their faculties and particularly curriculum development. 


So we hope that you can see that change is bringing improvements and a opportunity for us and our staff to grow.  We would like to see you take an active interest in your child's education here at IAS. For that reason please do get to know the staff here and try to see them when you have the opportunity. Please make a note of the times of the next parent teacher meetings:

  • 3rd November Dembego 12 (Small School) 15:05-17:30
  • 4th November Dembego 18 (Big School) 15,05-17,30)

We would really like to see you there as we are sure you child's teachers would!

IAS administration is absolutely confident that this year is going to be one that is going to impress all of you both returning and new parents!


Thank You,


 IAS Administration