Golden Polish Autumn

As educators, we realize the importance of maths and sciences in the development of logical thinking skills. However, no education is truly complete without the addition of social skills, history, geography, physical education and the arts.

Kazimierz Dolny, a famed artistic town with a rich cultural heritage has been praised by artists allover Poland for centuries.  The grade 8 class had the opportunity to witness art and nature throughout the 3 day trip. 


Friday started out as any other day of the week, with a full day of lessons, after which we arrived at Central Station to hop on the tour bus.  Arriving late in the evening, we visited the Main Square and it’s surrounding neighbourhood enjoying dinner at a restaurant in preparation for the excursions over the next two days.


A big breakfast started off the day before a tour of Kazimierz Dolny’s breath-taking ravines.  Like a scene from Lord of the Rings, students bravely hiked their way high and low, through valley and hills, arriving on the bank of the Vistula river.  After some free time to explore and socialize, the class boarded the prom, which expanded our view of the surrounding terrain.  The one-hour trip excited the students, as the bossman and captain were happy to give some of our students a closer look of the cabin and helm.  Of course, an adventurous day as such was well celebrated at an elegantly stylish and delicious restaurant and pastry shop serving delicious pancakes, pastas and salads.


With only a few hours left to go before returning to Warsaw, we had a closer and longer visit of the Main Market and its near-by galleries and festivities.  Inspired by medieval knights nd ancients gladiators we marched towards to ruins of fortresses and the bastion’s tower.  Students performed a rehearsed battle scene, others were (temporarily) imprisoned in the dungeons.

Coincidently, a grand Bicycle Race was taking place in town, which motivated our students to go the extra mile, figuratively and literally, as we explored the cobble-stoned neighbourhoods of the town.

Learning about the history, politics, and the artistic importance of the town help develop critical thinking skills and increase their appreciation of history.

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