Spooky Halloween 2015

On October 30th, IAS continued its annual celebration of Halloween. This year, the students entered the building with even more petrifying and alarming costumes and getups than ever before! The day began with finishing off decorations the students had begun a day before.

 Then our judges went ahead and evaluated each and every classroom decoration along with the students' fright-inducing acts. From pools of blood to haunted children - not a single spooky aspect was missed! While the judges were working on their decisions, the next activity planned was the haunted house. Put together through great effort, the senior students succeeded in striking terror into their victims. When the haunted house closed, the pumpkin carving competition began, another creative side of Halloween. All participants in the carving were extremely talented. Kudos to them!

 The students then savored a delicious lunch, and were back in action for the Scary Dress Competition! After getting out of their spooky outfits, the disco was open for some dance-offs, and our duet competition winners were Sudi and Dayae! Finally, the anticipated award ceremony... here are this year's winners:

Cleanest Class - 5th, 10th Grade

Scary Costume - Klara Matuszewska, Bobi Phi Long

Best Decorated Class - 6th, 8th Grade.

Thank you for participating in our wonderful yet spooky celebration of Halloween!

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