Christmas Show

14th of December, I.A.S held its annual Christmas theatrical performance. An original play and a variety of concerts were performed by the students. The play was written and directed by 9th graders Aristianna Voureka and Lilla Orly. They gathered actors and actresses, most notably Harriet Adeleke as the good fairy, and performed a classroom version of the story of Rudolph. After a big round of applause, Dami Adeleke and Julia Chruszcz, grades 6 and 5 respectively, got on stage to sing "Wide Awake" by Katy Perry. The next performance was by given by Klaudyna Zaremba of grade 7. She performed a rocking guitar solo of Blink-182's famous song: "Won't be Home for Christmas". This was followed by a rousing solo piano version of Adele's hit "Skyfall" by Maria Billa. As a finale, music teacher Mr. Tsolka and principal Johnson performed Christmas carols with all of the students singing together. It was an amazing celebration for the school community. Thanks to our talented performers, we were all able to enjoy the holiday spirit to the fullest.

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