Christmas Play

The IAS community would like to thank all those involved in this year's Christmas play and holiday celebration, which recently took place at the Dom Sztuki community theatre in Ursynow.

The day's events  were hosted by the unflappable pair of Disha Keswani and Minsang Eom. This year's play, "The Ghosts of Christmas Future", took a multi-cultural approach to the winter holidays and sought common ground amongst all the world's major religions. Special thanks go to the play's writer, director and star: Klara Matuszewska, Anna Teytel, and Russell Farrales (as the Martian nerd, or "Merd"). Also acting in the play were Aslihan Yilmaz, Dat Nguyen, Dawid Nguyen, Vedant Harwani, Rose Hassan, Bobbi Phi Long, Bhawesh Vasnani, Shikha Gianchandani and Bartek Pyszkowski. Jade Martin provided an artistic background, and the play could not have "gone on" without the technical expertise of Mehdi Rizvi. Last but not least, props to the costume and props department--Ania Gutkowska and Pola Banecka. Thanks to all!
But that's not all—we'd also like to recognize our Creative Performance teacher, Iza Mieszczanska, for putting together a "Christmasy" themed poetry slam, which brought 12 groups of students to the stage for (occasionally) raucous spoken word. The slam claimed two sets of victors, including: Russell Farrales, Vedant Harwani, Luv Jotwani, Mohammed Al-Enezi, Haeyun Park, Nicole Rogowski, Anna Teytel and Yugyeong Kim. The slam was hosted by the comic duo of Pranit Karira (illuminati!) and Bhawesh Vasnani, who also joined Praveer Lakhani and Shikha Gianchandani for a scene stealing sketch of domestic life which we'll simply title, "No A, No Christmas!" 
The day began and concluded with songs from our Christmas Choir, led by Blessing ibe Torti and Dorota Nguyen, with Bartek Pyszkowski on piano. 
If it sounds like fun, that's because it was. Enjoy the pictures and see you next year!
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