Design Thinking Project

On November 25th and December 2nd, 9th and 10th grade students took part in a Design Thinking Workshop. The project was lead by Weronika Siwiec from Inceptio Fundation in Warsaw and supervised by the biology teacher, Izabelę Redlińską-Tuz.

 Our students learned how to solve problems through creativity and teamwork, and constructed prototypes of lunchboxes and an IAS canteen.

This method helped students develop their interests and find a purpose of study: that it is not only about acquisition of knowledge, but also ACTION. The method was discovered 30 years ago at Stanford University and is put in use today by companies like Apple, Google and Intel.

Student reflection: Anna Teytel, 10th grade

The Design Thinking Workshop was a creative and interactive experience. We got to work with our peers without concerns over a good grade. Being able to connect with peers for amusement is something we miss nowadays. The project started with us drawing a portrait of the person sitting next to us in 10 minutes. Then we drew things like cars, houses and even love. Most of the class drew hearts. The presenter of the workshop was a bubbly person and brought humor into the presentation. After a group discussion, we started the working process. We were told to design the “perfect lunchbox” for the person sitting next to us. Everything starts with a concept. From there, we made a prototype with limited time and resources. Of course there were small arguments—“HEY CAN I HAVE THE TAPE?” or “WHO STOLE THE SICSSORS”. But somehow, we reached our goal and made something together. The experience taught us the moral of that building something starts with an idea and ends with teamwork. To make an idea come into reality, you have work. It will progress along the way.

Project Design Thinking