Chocolate Field Trip

By far, this was one of the most delicious field trips the students (and teachers have experienced in recent years). Making our way to the 120 year old E.Wedel building on Szpitalna street, students were taught, and tested on their chocolate tasting and decorating abilities.

The history of chocolate, coaco, it's impact on society and pop culture were explained, and various chocolates: Milky, Dark, White and Dessert Chocolate.

Then with mastery technique, student decorated chocolate cakes - some used extra precision to create works of art, while others embraced a creative, free-style technique.  Either way they were all delicious and filling!

Later that day however, during a late lunch, the students opted out for a healthier option... and realized sweets are great! - but in moderation :)

For more images, please click the picture below:

Chocoloate Field Trip