Chinese Festivities

Last week and for the first time ever, our students had chance to take part in Chinese New Year celebrations held each afternoon during the 7th period. The school was beautifully decorated with red paper to bring the students good luck for the new year...

... alongside with facts that they could discover about China. Every day during the lunch break the students could listen to Chinese music. Students were also able to take part in numerous workshops about the Chinese Zodiac, culture, language, calligraphy and many others.

Undoubtedly, a great variety of different events was one of the strongest points of the festival. In the Playroom the students could play authentic Chinese games such as giant Ludo, Chinese checkers and Go, whereas in the Quiz Room two teams competed against each other in an effort to prove they knew the most about this Asian country. In addition, one of the most successful events was Chinese Calligraphy Workshop where students could learn how to write their names in Chinese. Another interesting attraction was the Chinese Language Room where everyone had their first Chinese class ever and our very own Film Festival which attracted many students. What is more, everyone could also listen to a presentation about Chinese New Year given by one of the eleventh grade students.

 On the last day, a prize giving ceremony took place and the most outstanding performers in each task were rewarded. On this day, the students were also given the opportunity to take part in our Spicy Food Competition and were taught how to make traditional Chinese dumplings. The event was organised by our English and Creative Writing teacher, Miss Magda Mierzwa and the Chinese students of the upper school. The event was a great success with students from the 4th to 10th grade taking part.  It was a wonderful and entertaining community event with prizes, delicious food and a great variety of workshops organized to raise our awareness of Chinese culture. We are already looking forward to the second edition of the festival!:)

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