IAS accredited by AdvancED!

As many of you know, IAS completed its 5 year accreditation review this week. What you may not know is that this was our first accreditation review with AdvancED, which absorbed the Northwest Accreditation Commission in 2012.

 AdvancED is the world's largest education community, accrediting over 32,000 schools across 70 countries, and 75% of the schools in the United States. A great amount of work went into preparation for our visit, and now that the dust has settled, we can announce the results: IAS has earned the distinction of the FULL 5 year accreditation, which takes us into June of 2021. We'd like to thank all the parents who took part in the review, and thank the staff and students for representing the school so well.

The AdvancED team took time in its exit report to emphasize the quality of education offered at IAS. Our self assessment was praised as one of the finest received. The credit goes to the dedication and hard work of all teachers, students and parents of IAS, who for the past twenty seven years have immensely contributed in fortifying the foundation of our school. There is no doubt that the Chairman, Principal and the new administration, at large, along with the support of all teaching and non teaching staff have earned IAS this recognition. We have further identified the steps to be taken that we need to implement to build on this success. Principal Uden is determined to create long lasting partnerships with other AdvancEd schools in Europe, for the purpose of more regularly conducted review and peer exchange.

We were also informed that schools typically qualify for 3 levels of accreditation: working from conditional accreditation all the way to the highest level 5 years. IAS has received the highest level.

Lastly, the school received perhaps the best form of endorsement from one of the lead inspectors, who confided at the end of the week that if he lived in Warsaw, "He'd love to have his kids attend our school".

We share this message with our entire community with a feeling of pride as well as renewed enthusiasm for the continued journey ahead. That was the ultimate message that AdvancED left us with: a school is a journey, so we can not be satisfied with any steps along the way, but to keep walking.