Art Week

Wow! That has been an amazing week! Let’s see what was happening at school:

Monday – The kids were working on collages with concentric circles inspired by Kandinsky’s style and were learning about abstract art.

Tuesday – Time for impressionism. Our students were learning about Claude Monet and tried to paint using similar techniques.

Wednesday – This time Mrs. Tsolka prepared a special music treat for everyone! Everyone could try their hands at playing various instruments, repeating rhythm after the teachers and played as one big orchestra.

Thursday – The weather was so great that we went for a picnic in the park. The kids had a great time monkeying around the huge playground. They also had ceramics painting workshops at Formy Kolory – we absolutely love this place! Their works should be ready this week :)

Friday – A Spanish painter – Daniel del Rosal – paid us a visit to talk about portraits and show us how we draw faces. Then it was over to the kids to make a picture of someone else. They did great job!

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