IAS Times Issue 32/ November 2016

IAS is proud to announce the 32nd issue of the IAS Times, available now on issue.com. A lot has happened since our last issue, affecting students, teachers and parents directly: the Brexit vote, PiS governing initiatives, the American election.

Our student-journalists respond to these political issues while also reporting on the big story within the IAS sphere—the school's successful accreditation review from AdvancED. Additionally, you'll learn about student exchange with the Laski School for the Blind, 11th grade perspectives on those dreaded acronyms IB and CAS (as well as choosing one's direction), a local legendary autograph hunter, and budding legend of the poker tables: IAS alum Tommy Le! The issue is rounded out with works of fiction, an art review, teacher profiles, and of course the crossword (which also serves as a literacy test for readers). There are a lot of pictures too, but we hope you spend some time with the issue for its primary purpose: reading :)